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Ganesh Utsav Integration


To reach the audience across cities, through a common platform that allowed them to look at Cadbury Gems in a different light.

Role of Madison IES:

Cadbury Gems celebrates Ganesh Chaturti through innovative installations of the Elephant God “Ganesha” – popular with children and adults alike, made of Cadbury Gems mould. We made this possible by installing the new colourful, bright and chocolaty Ganesha idol made of POP (Plaster of Paris) with appx 40,000 units (per Ganesha Idol) of Cadbury Gems imitations stuck on it, at eight HyperCity stores across five cities. It took about 10 days to make the Ganesha idol and approx 20 days post that, to do the designing and pasting of the Cadbury Gems imitations on the idol.


Cadbury Gems Ganesha received enormous response from all around the country. There was a sense of excitement and enthusiasm seen among customers, especially from the little patrons of HyperCity as Cadbury Gems has always been being a favorite amongst kids. The news of mock Gems Ganesha spread amongst the tiny tots who are insisted their parents and dragged them to stores to experience the magic of their favorite deity. The average weekday and weekend footfalls increased by almost 10% in HyperCity stores.

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