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Save the Tiger


Stop. You're on tiger territory.

Haven't we all encroached upon their habitat and displaced them from their very own sanctuaries?! It's never too late to help them survive.

Tigers are on the brink of extinction and International Tiger Day, which is celebrated on 29th July annually aims to bring attention to this fact. Lack of habitat, climate change, and poaching have caused their numbers to fall. International Tiger Day works towards reversing these concerns.

SAVE THE TIGER was launched to highlight the dwindling population of the majestic animal in India.


As part of the initiative, billboards delivered the unfortunate tale of the tiger, while the city stopped in their tracks when they reached a never seen before crosswalk.

Billboards delivered the daunting truth at strategic locations to educate and bring attention towards the endangered cat.

To further reinforce the plight of the tiger, a certain zebra crossing at a suburban junction was replaced with tiger stripes.

Madison transformed the crosswalk with a team of tiger crusaders. Yellow paint and a stencil of tiger stripes was used to replace the zebra crossing, and the whole idea got a big thumbs-up by those who paused at the crosswalk.

The completely transformed crosswalk had people and cars pause for a cause.

A pause that brought to mind the reality of poaching and habitat loss.


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