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Nissan Trophy Tour


Nissan, the Global ICC partners till 2023 wished to create on-ground excitement for their Trophy Tour. They desired to make consumers aware of their association while building lead generation.


The proposed Trophy Tour included digital engagements, while encouraging consumers to get clicked with the coveted Champions Trophy and the Nissan Micra.

As part of the campaign, the Nissan Trophy Tour was taken to 8 cities - Kolkata, Mumbai, Cochin, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Chennai. 'The Trophy Experience' with the car taking center-stage made an appearance in Dealership Showrooms, Malls and Colleges. The Experience was further enhanced by celebrities like Gautam Bhimani, Deepdas Gupta and Atul Wassan, who unveiled the coveted trophy at various locations.

The digital amplification leveraged social media wherein consumers logged in and registered to participate. A unique 360-degree shoot with the Champions Trophy and the Nissan Micra engaged fans. A virtual reality cricket match was developed to transport fans to a cricket pitch. The scores were posted on their social media accounts, spreading the cheer and encouraging further participation.


The Nissan Trophy Tour was a scoring success across the chosen 8 cities. 'The Trophy Tour Experience' had 800 fans posting their exclusive 360-degree videos on social media, while 1200 fans played the virtual reality cricket match and shared their scores online. The presence of celebrities added to the media buzz, drawing huge participation.

The Nissan Trophy Tour met its objectives by leveraging its association with the International Cricket Council.

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