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Not too hot - Not too cold - Precision cooling your way


In comparison to other air-conditioning brands that either make the room too hot or too cold, Blue Star's latest range of split inverter air-conditioners provide 'Precision Cooling'.

The objective was to create a high decibel campaign to increase product awareness around the communication – "Not Too Hot. Not Too Cold. Precision Cooling"


Blankets are usually provided at top cinema halls to comfort customers who get too cold while watching a movie. To create an interesting activity based on 'Precision Cooling', Blue Star headed to a movie theatre.

Moviegoers at INOX Insignia were seated, oblivious to the experience about to unfold. As trailers ran on screen, the temperature dropped, making the theatre cold and unsettling. This is when the Blue Star TVC made an appearance on the silver screen, allowing an opportunity for promoters to handout the Blue Star blankets customised with the message - 'Not too Hot. Not too Cold. Precision Cooling.'


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