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Feel the greens

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The property buying cycle is no longer as straightforward as it used to be. People spend more time researching online as they don’t have as much time to travel physically. With the Godrej Greens Launch at Pune, this was exactly what was happening. Through imagery and beautifully apt adverting, lead forms were being filled. But the number of site visits was very low.


With over 23 years of experience in building landmark projects, Godrej understood that the actual site experience is one of the most important factors in making a sale. So the objective was to drive site visits to Godrej Greens.


To overcome this challenge, we used technology innovatively through FEEL THE GREENS. Adopting an RTM (Real Time Marketing) strategy; we created an experiential event through Facebook Live and other Live Streaming platforms on a said date for our socially inclined TG. The activity was held Live from Godrej Greens, Pune. And everyone could take the tour with us, from wherever they were. Through re-targeting and network targeting approach, we informed and invited prospective buyers to the event. Social Media Content, Emailers, Websites and Innovative Banners carried a special RSVP feature which saved and synced the details of this web event directly in their mobile calendars.


We cut off the distance. We saved time. We added convenience. And with Feel the Greens, we gave the real estate sector a revolutionary way to showcase property.

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