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A green shelter that made the air better!


On 2nd December – National Pollution Control Day, friends of the earth unite to create awareness amongst people and industries regarding air quality and the hazards of breathing pollutants.

Blue Star - Air Purifiers aimed to teach citizens about managing & controlling pollution by creating unique green spaces.


A panel was created on the backdrop of a bus shelter where more than 100 high oxygen-producing plants were placed; creating a one-of-a-kind Green Bus Shelter to teach people and industries a vital lesson on National Pollution Control Day… 'GOODBYE TO POLLUTION AND HELLO TO PURE AIR'


The extraordinary approach generated natural oxygen on a busy Mumbai street, to deliver an important message and create conscious minds with responsible actions.

By spreading oxygen and clean air naturally, Blue Star's range of Air Purifiers not only delivered the brand promise, but also stood out as an example of positive impact.

Awards & Recognition

E4M 2017 – GOLD - Innovative use of existing medium

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