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Perfect Whiff -All Day Long!


ITC's Personal Care business expanded its product portfolio with the launch of Engage - one of India's first 'couple deodorants', providing 24-hour freshness to both men and women.

A brand building strategy under the proposition – 'Playful Chemistry' was needed to target college students and young professionals; while highlighting the tagline, "All day long".


ITC executed a 15-day campaign targeting the youth in September 2016 at Delhi NCR. The idea made its presence across OOH media, e.g. billboard, kiosks and metro signages. More than 100 Meru cabs traveled through Delhi NCR day and night with the Engage branding.

For a quirky take, a 2ft by 3 ft poster innovation made its appearance at SUN CITY cinema, Vile Parle, on 29th December 2016, 9am – 12.30 pm.

The poster partially revealed itself to showcase a young woman closing her nose because of smelly underarms. By partly sticking the poster to the MUPI and leaving the top part unstuck, the top flopped over and the lines "Pull This Up" caught the eye.

Moviegoers followed the instruction only to get surprised by the image of a woman closing her nose and holding an Engage Spray Can.


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