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Marico Mobile Pathshala


The campaign designed for 2 hair oils and a shampoo, involved educating kids in order to ultimately reach out and influence their mothers. Marico needed a campaign to help escalate sales for Nihar Shanti Amla hair oil, Nihar Shanti Sarson hair oil & Mediker shampoo. The objective was to reach maximum number of mothers and bring alive the experience of the products.


A Flipbook Story, A Friendly Champi and a Mobile Pathshala -

Kids were educated about the three products through an interesting flipbook story and an interactive Q&A session. Taking a cue from mother-daughter bonding activity, product trials were generated via an engaging and fun activity, where the kids were asked to sit in a straight line and give a champi (head massage) to the classmate seated ahead.  After the Nihar oil champi, the children had an unique English learning session with the help of 'MOBILE PATHSHALA'. A learning method using the mobile phone as the medium that encouraged them to call on a toll-free number and learn English words.


The campaign was up for 3 months, reaching out to 2300 villages, covering 1893 schools and engaging 3,65,655 kids. The campaign overachieved Marico's target of 1800 schools by successfully reaching 1893 schools. Through interactive education and product trials, the campaign was a roaring success.

The products sampled during the campaign were as follows:

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