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Nobody Cools Better


To create strategic outdoor visibility and impactful recall in the minds of the consumers under the value proposition of "Nobody Cools Better".


Air conditioned bus shelters were created at various touchpoints in top 5 cities across the country. 2 Blue Star ACs were fitted inside the shelter and constant monitoring was done in order to ensure continuous cooling through the day. These branded shelters gave the consumers a first-hand experience of Blue Star’s unmatched expertise, and their deep understanding of the science of cooling.


The insight was delivered in a unique style through BLUE STAR powered AIR CONDITIONED BUS SHELTERS that broke the category clutter. The new communication "Nobody Cools Better" was aptly brought to life for commuters waiting at the bus stop. Approx. 3500 commuters across the country agreed that "Nobody Cools Better" by voting for Blue Star via instant feedback mechanism placed inside the shelters. Heavy enquiries at various distribution networks were reported across the country, and Blue Star saw a significant rise in sales during the summer season

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There are some third parties who are fraudulently using Madison's name on WhatsApp, and other unofficial websites and messaging apps with job opportunities from Madison.

Any person claiming to be from Madison and asking for payment in turn for job opportunities is a fraud and should not be entertained. Please report the number right away with relevant authorities.

Stay vigilant and do not fall prey to such scams.

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