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The Worlds Biggest Ladoo


Tata I-Shakti is one of the first nationally available brands in the category of unpolished dals and besan. With a strong focus on nutrition, the brand delivers high protein and does not go through any artificial polishing process.

As compared to regular besan, Tata I-Shakti Besan is low in oil absorption and is made of 100 percent unpolished chana dal which makes it an ideal choice for favourite Indian savories and sweets.

The brief required a sampling of the fine quality, which would immediately trigger a brand recall and build on PR mileage.


Since it was the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi, the World's Biggest Ladoo was made and offered to Lord Ganesha and his devotees at the Andhericha Raja pandal. The Ladoo was prepared by a team of 35 handpicked cooks and 7 supervisors from the Tata I-Shakti team over a period of 5 days.

Offering its natural and fine flavor to Mumbaikars, the ladoo was a sight to behold, and connected well with Lord Ganesha's most favorite delicacy. Displayed in a specially constructed food grade stainless steel bowl with a metallic coating weighing 985 kgs, the Maha Besan Ladoo weighed 8645 kg and was towering over at 6 feet.

The ladoo integration with Ganesh Chaturthi also marked the 50th anniversary celebration of the Andhericha Raja.


More than 1 lakh devotees had come to seek the blessings of Andhericha Raja, thereby tasting the ladoo made using Tata I-Shakti Besan. The creative idea generated PR worth Rs. 55 lakh, significantly highlighting the brand and its natural flavor.

The Maha Ladoo was on everyone's lips and successfully triggered the required brand recall.

450 pledges were taken that ultimately aided in the construction of 210 toilets at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan.

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