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Tiago, the fantastico hatchback from the house of Tata Motors which was the most-awarded hatchback of the year, when launched was looking to utilize OOH media for creating the unmissable impact and instant awareness.


Bandra ROB in Mumbai was identified as one of the busiest routes on the Western Express Highway, presenting an innovation touch-point with an estimated reach of 0.18 to 0.25 million vehicular traffic during the evening hours per day approaching from South Mumbai to Western Suburbs. Considering that the 'fantastico' Tiago targeted SEC AB, 30+ males, it was imperative to create traction using a large format OOH media on this high-traffic route, that is frequented by them.

To create a high-impact launch, the idea involved hoisting up a larger than life Tiago model on a billboard.

The headlights of this model were replaced by sky-trackers, which flashed endless beams of light into the sky.


The campaign generated a lot of PR which resulted in 20% increased enquiries and test-drives.

Post its launch, Tiago received many notable milestones and is touted to be the most-awarded hatchback of 2016-17 across multiple industry players.

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