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Star Wars Pillar at Landmark


The task at hand was to create a stellar display cum branding for the Star Wars merchandise at Landmark Stores in Forum & Orion Mall in Bangalore. The intent was to enhance the look of the toys section in these stores and grabbing attention of the store walk-ins.


The innovative design utilized the character Darth Vader in its true avatar – it was made to look as if it’s breaking the pillar and emerging through it while holding an actual light saber.

The iconic Stormtrooper toys were placed like an army, giving the display actual movie like feel, hence proving to be extremely eye catchy.

The display pillar was also made interactive with actual light sabers being given to consumers for photo opportunity purposes.


The interactive pillar proved to be a great photo opportunity for customers, thus helping to increase footfalls in the toys section of the store

It was the first time such Star Wars merchandise range was placed in Landmark stores, and it garnered great sales numbers. The display managed to create an overall awareness and intrigue around Star Wars, thus creating a rub off on other categories offering Star Wars merchandise as well

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