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Give in to the Dark!


Times change and so does taste. Staying true to the aforementioned statement, Cadbury Bournville, long perceived as a bitter chocolate, moved towards a more balanced taste. The challenge was to get consumers to experience this new taste through an out-of-the box engagement that leaves them surprised.


Taking dark by its literal meaning, we decided to take the consumers by surprise while offering them a taste of the new Bournville at a place where their senses are most awakened – IN THE DARK! And what better place than a movie theatre auditorium, during the interval! We chose the Valentine's Day weekend and created a unique experience for the audience, with promoters dressed in 'glow-in-the-dark' radium T-shirts, who entered the respective cinema theatres during intervals with a tray of New Cadbury Bournville bars, creating a beautiful spectacle of a glowing army, asking the patrons to 'Give in to the Dark!' The activity arose everyone's fancy and the audiences relished the new taste of Bournville.


The unique experience allowed us to distribute a total of 7.25 lac samples, serving a total of 2771 intervals! Most multiplexes witnessed crowd cheering for the promoters clad in glow-in-dark t-shirts and were left amazed and asked for more and more New Bournville.

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