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TATA HEXA - Whatever it takes


The Tata Hexa is loaded with high-tech mechanisms and aesthetic features. This off-roader and adrenaline-pumped hunk, needed a disruptive platform to support its launch. Imperative to highlight its uber sexy features and off-roading ability, OOH became the perfect medium for creating a huge impact to highlight its bold and beautiful interior and exterior.


A disruptive Hexa was installed at a busy yet strategic location in Mumbai. Mahim Causeway was the chosen vantage point that carried out the edgy innovation.

The very real, very impressive, six-feet tall SUV was hoisted up on four towering asymmetric trusses, using an industrial crane. Its angled positioning exhibited its macho exteriors and screamed 'off-roader', while the platform on which it stood carried an LED brand logo.

Known for its ambient mood lighting, the Hexa is a true charmer; and to create this magical light show, an in-lit display with colour-changing streams and DRLs kept the car aglow at night.


The innovation was strikingly visible, and the company recorded a 19% increase in test-drives and bookings during the campaign period.

In sync with the brand messaging, the innovation was all about doing… Whatever It Takes!

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