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Wohi Majbut Jodd Pani Mein Bhi


The main objective of the campaign was to depict Fevicol’s latest water sustenance attribute. The campaign was rolled in Mumbai during Ganesh Visarjan, when people throng the beaches for the immersion of their favorite deity.

Certain city beaches like the Versova beach, Juhu beach and Girgaum Chowpatty were selected for the activity.


Since people take professional help from appointed swimmers and lifeguards for the immersion of their deity, the idea was to distribute ‘Fevicol Marine’ branded lifejackets to these very daring associates. The skilled agents wore the bright orange lifejackets and went ahead with their duty, while the apt branding highlighted the relevance of the brand attribute

Lifejackets protect people from drowning, even in the deep waters; and this branding glued Visarjan visitors to its creativity and significance. The campaign stood out for its social responsibility, while the prominent brand logo and the tagline “Wohi Majbut Jodd Pani Mein Bhi” was impactful throughout the celebration.

The buoyant lifejackets were also strong and waterproof, thus delivering unto the brand communication, “Fevicol Marine – Wohi Majbut Jodd Pani Mein Bhi” during a time when its significance would stick with people.


The Mumbai Visarjan Associates gave positive testimonies from their respective locations and highlighted the significance of the safety measures during such chaotic times.

Fevicol Marine won the hearts of Lord Ganesh Devotees, making the heroic marine mission a success

More than 10000 jackets were distributed across Mumbai beaches.

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