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Extra Wafer Extra Chocolaty Extra Pyaar


Cadbury Perk wanted to establish itself as a product offering superior taste and value amongst coated wafer chocolates in the South. Its latest TVC messaging – "Extra Wafer, Extra Chocolaty, Extra Pyaar" was to be taken to different consumer touch points to bring alive the "EXTRAA" proposition. The task at hand was tip the scales in favour of Perk by extending the thought of E'xtraaa Pyaar' across different media with an experiential touch and induces trials.


After a local dipstick and a thorough research, we discovered that cinema is a key OOH touch-point in the South market. The Perk "Extraa Pyaar and Delight" activity stood out with because of the unique manner in which the movie theatres were used as the context as well as medium for creating the EXTRAA experience. In order to truly bring about the "EXTRAA" proposition, we decided to give "EXTRAA" movie tickets to the consumers on the opening weekend of a blockbuster release, once the auditorium was announced houseful. To add to their experience and make it EXTRAAA delightful, we served complimentary meals during the interval to each of the consumers who received the EXTRAAA tickets.


The campaign reached out to 8,090 people in Chennai across the 4 famous Sathyam Properties. A total of 345 extra tickets and 333 extra meals were given out to people. Some of our favourite reactions from the consumers were 'You made my day', 'Perk should do this more often' and 'We usually go home disappointed. Thank you Perk!'

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