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The Epic Experience


The EPIC Channel is India's first genre-specific Hindi entertainment channel showcasing content ranging from action, drama, comedy to narrative non-fiction, by creating unique and original content within the Indian history, folklore and mythology genre, using a very contemporary story telling format. The new channel launched with some of its key shows - Siyaasat, Dariba Diaries, and Daanav Hunters. The task at hand was to drive awareness and draw the tune-ins by bringing alive the essence of these shows in a dramatic way. The channel launch was targeted at SEC AB, Male/Female, across all age groups; Key metros.


Siyaasat on-the-go: We brought the royal richness of the Mughal era as an awareness-driving experience, through bus-shelters. The Throne for the King and his official court-member was fabricated and set up at bus-shelters. People dressed up as royal fan bearers stood alongside the throne giving it the unmistakable feel of a King's Darbar. The channel and show logo were created with acrylic neon letters.

Launch with a Bang: One of the main creative elements of the show, an old gun firing an old bullet, was 'animated' with sequential lighting to create the impression of a bullet in motion. The bullet was shown to hit the EPIC logo, lighting it up. We chose Juhu Beach, which is a weekend destination and a high traffic area, for implementing this innovation.

Daanavs V/s Maanavs: We selected the favourite haunts of Daanavs – the ominous looking banyan trees and branded them with the show logo and timings. The popular Indian totem to ward off evil – lemon & chilly on strings, with show branding were distributed to cabbies and rickshaw drivers and to anyone who needed them. Even certain corners of mall washroom mirrors bore the branding of the show and any time someone went to wash their hands, the light above would flicker and a Daanav's laughter could be heard.

Dharmakshetra Nark-and-Swarg Dwaar: We took the gateways to heaven and hell to the aam-janata and implemented the twin-dwaars of Nark and Swarg right at the main entrance of Korum Mall. People had to choose one of the two entry archgates in order to enter the mall. People became conscious and chose to walk through the Swarg Dwar, thereby registering the show branding and the tune-in details.


As one of the most noticed OOH campaigns, the Epic Experience aided in generating high recall for the channel and gained a lot of appreciation from the client as well as the audiences in terms of its impact visibility. The channel grossed 2926 GVTs in its second week, since its debut week during the campaign period.

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