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Give in to the dark


Cadbury Bournville offers a smooth and luscious journey into the world of dark chocolate. The brand wanted to build its credentials in the dark chocolate category by enlightening a sweet-toothed nation, India, about its delicious offerings, waiting to be savoured.


Cadbury Bournville is a one of a kind chocolate in India, with a distinctive and curious taste to the palate.

Hence, it was essential for us to take the users through a unique journey to satiate their curiosity of the dark taste and dark chocolate. One that moved seamlessly from telling a tale about Dark Chocolate heritage to gradually linking it to Bournville’s variants and other pages. We created an online platform for budding Dark Chocolate aficionados to see what goes behind making a Dark Chocolate by infusing the origins of Bournville with it. To create strong appeal visually, we used the parallax effect and shadowed users’ pointer when it hovered over the variant. Thus, we created ‘The Dark Tale’ that took them through an interesting journey of the brand’s heritage delivered by a classic interactive timeline.


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