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Kwit With Kwiknic


ITC launched Kwiknic - a tasty nicotine chewing gum meant for people who wish to reduce dependency on Cigarettes and Gutkhas. The objective was to reach out to the mass, create strong brand awareness and induce trials.


KWIT WITH KWIKNIC: Supported by a localised Billboard campaign in Kolkata, the campaign had two primary formats which served as the visibility-cum-experiential touchpoints.

The Kwiknic Lighter: Cigarette shops were identified as the most pertinent place for creating moment-of truth experience and generate trials. We replaced the usual cigarette lighters with empty lighters fitted into the Kwiknic packs. People tried using the lighter and couldn’t light up their cigarettes as the lighter was without gas. They were given the chewing gum to try.

The Kwiknic Anti-spit Wall: People who chew gutkha/tobacco often spit irresponsibly on the walls of a buildings, railway station. Based on this key insight, we decided to identify and brand such favourite spit-spots on the Railways station walls with Kwinic communication. People who wanted to spit on the wall were surprised to see the new, clean, Kwiknic flex and naturally refrained from spitting further. This generated positive brand awareness and spitting got reduced noticeably.


The sale of Kwiknic got up by 3% in Kolkata during the campaign period. 100% of the TG who couldn’t light up their cigarettes noticed the product branding out of curiosity. Many of those people ended up trying the chewing gum. Gutkha chewers noticed the anti-spit communication and refrained from spitting.

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