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Unbox Zindagi


Snapdeal revamps its look and announces its brand new identity, to capture the pulse of a confident and aspirational India.

The new brand identity, 'Unbox Zindagi', repositions Snapdeal as a platform that believes in the potential and dreams of its consumers and thus partners them in their journey towards a better life.

The new logo comprises two arrows forming a box; indicating progress, onwards and upwards. The box also representative of the new tagline, '#UnboxNewSnapdeal', carries stories of happy moments for online buyers.


Utilising the new logo as the campaign champion, "UNBOX ZINDAGI" became the symbol of happiness across India through media formats like billboards, bus shelters, and MUPIs.

The varied media formats were literally unboxed. Billboards, bus shelters, and MUPIs popped out of the new Snapdeal box to deliver the joy of unboxing.

The first phase saw the strategy unfold across billboards, BQS, MUPIs, and media inside airports on all major locations, covering an area of 72000 sq. ft. approximately.

With the commencement of the second phase, a tactical change appeared in messages across creatives.

This was followed by the third phase, which announced the Diwali Shopping Festival Sale.

Larger than life 3D Snapdeal red boxes were fabricated for each of the varied innovations. Billboards, bus shelters, and MUPI – digital displays, all looked like they just got "Unboxed".

At nights, the Snapdeal logo stood out with LED lights.


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