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To communicate Fevikwik’s brand promise of “Chutki mein Chipkaye” (sticks in an instant) for a variety of household applications in an impactful and engaging manner. During pre-research in Karnataka market, consumers highlighted an average of only 1-2 uses – this was a challenge as Fevikwik can be used to mend a variety of products.The goal was to educate consumers about multiple uses and influence brand consideration leading to sales push in the market.


ETV Kannada was launching an adaptation of the popular US reality show “Minute to win it”, where well known Kannada film star Ganesh would challenge famous actors and popular celebrities to play one-minute games We saw this as a huge opportunity for deeper in-show association since one minute games are all about speed and the brand promise was quick stickiness. However the show was based on an international format and while we did identify a marble sticking game which we sponsored and maximize visibility through salience builders like L bands and anchor mentions, we wanted to use the show background and build engaging branded content.


Physical jigsaw puzzles of seven different products that can be fixed by Fevikwik were made – these were used as one minute games to play during the “Extra Minute” episodes. Against each jigsaw puzzle, a mini ad film was created – simple educational films along the lines of A for aeroplane (toy), B for Bat (toy) etc. These mini films were innovatively capsuled as the explanation of the game. Not only that, immediately after the puzzle was solved, the specific ad films were aired as an exclusive ad break slot within the show.

Levels of Integration in the show:

During the main show

Marble sticking game
o The game was about aiming marbles towards the end of a table having a strip of glue o We also branded the sticky side of the table with Fevikwik

Branded segments
o The fastest performer across the variety of games in every episode was given a Fevikwik hamper and declared the ”Fevikwik Quickest Khiladi”.

Contextual L bands


Branded content – Extra Minute
• An ‘Extra Minute’ practice session, the participants were shown practicing on a jigsaw puzzle, the puzzles were specially created to show the various usage situations for Fevikwik.

• These usage situations were also aired as commercials during breaks


The brand results were astounding – thanks to the success of Super Minute, the no 1 game show in Karnataka with a cumulative reach of 5 million viewers over 13 weeks. - 70% of the viewers recalled 4 or more usage occasions of Fevikwik - Brand sales grew by 27% YOY - Brand synergy of Fevikwik with the Super Minute show was rated 4.5 out of 5 by viewers

Awards & Recognition

Bronze – Prime Time Awards( Best Media Strategy – Best Use of Regional Entertainment)

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