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Share a Broken Toy- Share A Smile

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To communicate the brand benefit of ‘repair and reuse’ in an engaging way to the the entire Indian household. The goal was to strengthen the recall of a key repair situation (fixing broken toys) since that involved both parents and children.


Parents were the core target group. Since the message of repair and reuse is very functional, thought was to target the primary audience in a more responsible & relevant atmosphere. Hence the route of targeting kids to reach out to the parents was derived “The smallest act of kindness can go a long way towards bringing a smile to the face of a child”. Every year millions of toys are thrown away, ended up in the dustbin and landfill sites. They might be ethical toys but they're not ethical if they are discarded into our landfills when a child has grown out of them. When a child receives 'new' toys they are a source of endless fun and amusement. They're faces light up at the prospect of something new to play with. Children don't really care whether they're brand new or not, they're new to them and that's all that matters to them. When a child outgrows his or her toys they can then be turned into 'new' toys for other children who will again see them as a source of endless fun. So, Fevikwik found this as an opportunity of fixing toys and light up the faces of less fortunate children with the objective of - Share a Broken Toy, Spread Some Joy’. Children’s Day was selected for this social initiative. Fevikwik is a product that is widely used across all age groups, occupations, SEC classifications. It is a generic product that finds a place with most individuals when they are in a dire need of a ‘quick fix’! Crafts in school, projects in college, at home, at the workplace, while traveling – it is a handy product used by most people in most places. Consumers get emotionally attached with the product they buy, they are more likely to handle product with care but they dispose of products when it’s broken. So the challenge was to emotionally connect with the consumer through a social initiative by reminding them that reusing is a socially responsible behavior by fixing their broken object


‘Share a broken toy, share a smile’ was the central campaign idea. At the heart of the strategy was to generate awareness amongst households to bring the broken toys of their kids to high footfall stores of Shopper Stop and Hobby Ideas in Mumbai. We adopted a multimedia strategy to communicate the social initiative post collections, toys were repaired by Fevikwik and donated to underprivileged children through Akanksha Foundation


POS at Retail:
Branded collection boxes, Tent cards, LCD screen were kept at Shoppers Stop & Hobby idea stores of Mumbai.

Print Ads in leading dailies of Mumbai market were taken to build awareness of this social initiative.

Digital Platforms Used:
An engaging Twitter contest was run where for every 10 tweets posted by consumers, Fevikiwk would donate one toy. On Facebook, consumers were invited to suggest what they would like to donate to children and win Hobby Ideas vouchers. E-mailers, landing page & outbound calls were created to drive the initiative. Celebrity mothers like Perizaad Zorabian & Shaina NC were roped in to promote the initiative. Popular RJ Jeeturaj promoted the initiative on radio.


2700 toys were collected 10 lakh+ consumers were exposed to multimedia & 5000+ consumers were contacted in-store.

The initiative was received very well by consumers

- We achieved an open rate of 7% on emailers - 60% of the outbound calls were heard for > 20secs - 10000+ post engagements - 4200+ photo views

Extensive PR coverage worth Rs 15 lakh was achieved across television, Print and Digital

Awards & Recognition

Silver – Abbys (Pro Bono Marketing)

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