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My Nutella Jar


Nutella, a product of Ferrero India Ltd. is positioned in the breakfast space with the proposition, “Spread happiness in the morning".

Nutella, as a part of the breakfast plan makes breakfast fun and interesting for kids. Nutella acts as a perfect accompaniment for a complete breakfast and provides a great start to the day.

Ferrero India Ltd. (part of the Ferrero Group - the fourth largest manufacturer of chocolate and confectionary products in the world) wanted to induce trials, persuade and build relevance with the target consumers, and impart Nutella's unique taste in an engaging manner to ultimately drive sales.


Nutella being positioned in the breakfast space competes with numerous products and brands ranging from traditional breakfast foods like paranthas, idlis, poha, upma, dalia (porridge) to evergreen options like toast, eggs, cereals, oats & flakes.

The campaign, 'My Nutella Jar' presented consumers with jars that were wrapped up with their very own names.

While at Modern Trade Outlets, a backend team printed the names of the purchasers and gave away the personalized jars; the mall setup simply required purchasers to feed their names onto a sensor based keyboard, which triggered the printing that led an automated box to popup the customized Nutella Jar.


Personalized Nutella jars induced trials, persuaded its relevance in the breakfast plan, and successfully shot up sales. To further enhance the experience for the TG, strobes lights and music came on to celebrate every customer's sweet moment of receiving the personalized Nutella Jar.

The reactions were captured on Photoboxi and shared across social media.

The campaign successfully engaged consumers at 3 Indian metro cities, and Nutella soon found itself on breakfast tables of the targeted audience.

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