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Mahindra Built to Thrill Campaign


To reach the target audience and focus more on the crucial post test-drive discussion, as the same plays an important role in the buying decision of the consumer. The goal was to tap the car owners, owners of SUV's of other brands, Intenders of SUVs.



Understanding that four wheeler purchases is not an impulsive decision we designed a movable showroom which touched almost 78 towns and reached to 5820 audience. Eicher canter was converted into an AC lounge with all the showroom amenities like LCD, couches, snacks and beverages to give the visitors the comfort and time for long discussion. Visitors were also gratified by clicking their pictures with their chosen test-driven car. The picture was placed inside a branded photo jacket for future brand recall and handed over to them.


The campaign had major positive effect as the movable showroom touched 78 towns in Orissa and reached to 5820 audience in 3 months. Total enquiries generated were 2966, test drives given 2488. On spot conversions (spot bookings) were 13 throughout the campaign.

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There are some third parties who are fraudulently using Madison's name on WhatsApp, and other unofficial websites and messaging apps with job opportunities from Madison.

Any person claiming to be from Madison and asking for payment in turn for job opportunities is a fraud and should not be entertained. Please report the number right away with relevant authorities.

Stay vigilant and do not fall prey to such scams.

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