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Superfast Moves

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Cadbury Perk was hitting the Indian market with one of a kind perforated pack that rips into two from the middle. The goal was to create a clutter breaking ritual of ‘Rip & Share’.


The urban youth is aspirational and is up for any challenge thrown at them. They also follow extreme sports religiously. So we introduced the ritual of ‘Rip & Share’ by associating the superfast act of opening it with extreme sports. This was done through high octane videos where Superfast Raju defeated extreme sports professionals with his ‘Superfast’ move - ‘Rip it. Share it.’ We decided to engage the audience with quirky posts on Facebook which established Superfast Raju and his Superfast Move. On Youtube, a series of high octane videos were created capturing Superfast Raju’s face-offs with extreme sports professionals.


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