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Atomberg MG Counter display


The Brand wanted us to design a counter display to highlight Atomberg mixer grinder that incorporates a unique slow mode feature, which allows users to retain the texture, taste and nutrition of food ingredients during the grinding process.

Thought behind the design

It wasn’t enough to just have a display, the magic would be in having an utilitarian display which would create continuous brand recall. The challenge was to do it in subtle way that didn’t bother consumers and had some kind of value addition which would entice the shop owner to use, display or promote the same!

The design of a counter display for the Atomberg Mixer grinder with a slow mode was inspired by traditional manual stone grinders of the past that would aim to blend elements of nostalgia and modern technology.


The counter display would have a vintage-inspired look, reminiscent of the traditional stone grinders. It could feature earthy tones, rustic textures, and wooden accents to evoke a sense of tradition and authenticity.

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