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Kesh Johari


To educate and make the consumers aware of VBHO and what it does, while ensuring that its unique proposition gets landed well with them. Thereby to clear any confusion with Kesh Kala.


Promote Vasmol Keshkala (VKK) as a hair darkening color and Vasmol Black Hair Oil (VBHO) as a daily use hair oil with unique proposition of preventing early graying of hairs.


Mohalla Activation under the Campaign theme of "Kesh Johari" wherein Females were motivated to take up the Hair scalp check-up. Kesh Johari (Female Promoter) informed about the quality and condition of their hair and also gave hair care tips while educating them about VBHO and VKK. Onspot VBHO Samples were given.


76 Activity Days, 21 districts across UP, 18067 Female Audiences Contacted and 14027 Hair Scalp Checkups were done.

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There are some third parties who are fraudulently using Madison's name on WhatsApp, and other unofficial websites and messaging apps with job opportunities from Madison.

Any person claiming to be from Madison and asking for payment in turn for job opportunities is a fraud and should not be entertained. Please report the number right away with relevant authorities.

Stay vigilant and do not fall prey to such scams.

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