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Say aaa

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Choclairs since early 90s was perceived as one’s favourite Re 1/- candy! In 2015, apart from making the claim of it being bigger and chocolatier, it had changed its price by 100%! The challenge was to convince our price sensitive TG to favour the new Choclairs Gold now priced at Rs. 2/-?


The delicious chocolate filled candy Choclairs, was now bigger and more chocolaty! Our mission was simple, get people excited about the new, Chocolate ka atom bomb – Choclairs Gold and convey that it now costs Rs. 2/-


We realized that we're all used to saying ‘Aaaa’ for a big mouthful of deliciousness since the time we were kids. Presenting the new Choclairs Gold, so big, and so chocolaty, that you need to open a big mouth and SayAAAAAAAAA to enjoy it! We created a bunch of crazy audio clips and got people to Say Aaaa with quirky Dubsmash videos. We also invited people on Facebook and Twitter to tell us how they’d #SayAaa in an unusual and awesome way.


Dubsmash videos garnered 0.8 mn+ views

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