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Dr Fixit - "Pani Roke"


Pidilite's Dr. FIXIT is a home waterproofing solution and its communication becomes most relevant pre-monsoon, as the brand urges people to armour up their houses and buildings with Dr. Fixit. This time the objective was to use transit media effectively to communicate the message as a call-for-action.


Dr. Fixit's promise of effective waterproofing was translated through an innovative use of one of most commonly used transit media – the Autorickshaws. The pertinent branding of Dr. Fixit on the side-flaps of vehicle struck a strong chord not just in terms of visibility but also context given that the flaps are rolled out to waterproof the passengers. Dr. Fixit -  "Pani Roke" was a call-to-action campaign urging people to SMS to a short-code for getting their homes waterproofed and was implemented across 6 major high-rainfall locations in Mumbai, within a 5-day turnaround time. The campaign ran for a month and successfully grabbed eyeballs with its "Paani Roke" message.


The contextual messaging on the auto-exteriors as well as the side-flaps. We not only created a new medium for communicating the brand promise but we also ensured that it was relevant in terms of the context and the environment.

The campaign generated a lot of PR which resulted in increased sales and enquiries. Most importantly, the campaign created a positive impact on commuters' everyday life during the Mumbai rains.

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