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World Toilet Day 2017


19th November is recognized as WORLD TOILET DAY by the United Nations and observed globally. World Toilet Day speaks up on creating awareness about hygiene and sanitation.

Roca believes in the cause and is proactively participating with the vision of building a better India. With an objective of directly engaging with citizens, ROCA created a set-up which can bring maximum participation to this cause. Roca aimed to donate 210 toilets to be constructed in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan along with an amount of proportionate value to the participation they received.

A simple yet effective method to create high recall value.

A socially aware and informed target audience was chosen for this purpose.


ROCA recognized the emerging need of hygiene & sanitation across the developing & underdeveloped countries. Hence, we suggested an idea which highlights the issue of toilet accessibility and the problem of open defecation on World Toilet Day. The activity was conducted over a weekend at the mall to build on the subject of OPEN DEFECATION FREE INDIA.

Silhouettes of people squatting in an open space were placed at the mall setup. The visitor at the mall had to come forward & build a symbolic toilet around the silhouette by way of placing a brick in the given space. They were also asked to signed the brick with a pledge to build an OPEN DEFECATION FREE INDIA. The campaign conveyed the message of "Easy Access to Toilets" through "Progress in Sanitation".


The overall activity successfully helped in breaking the taboo of the subject among the crowd. It also inspired & motivated many to participate and take a pledge to build a cleaner, healthier & better India. 1200 people were approached within a span of 8 hours. 450 bricks were laid towards building a solid foundation for OPEN DEFECATION FREE INDIA. For every brick laid, ROCA donated Rs. 1000 to the cause strengthening the effort.

450 pledges were taken that ultimately aided in the construction of 210 toilets at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan.

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