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Touch The Pickle


To change the existing mindset with regards to periods and establish that Whisper can encourage women to break free from these taboos and be truly unstoppable.


The campaign was created with a 3 pillared approach
Phase 1: Setting context on period taboos & myths associated with Periods through commissioned study and TV commercial which was leveraged across print and online media
Phase 2 : Bringing on board relevant celebrity influencers, anthropologists and social psychologists to bust Period Taboos in order to drive awareness about Whisper’s role of helping women break free from these social Taboos & join the movement through the ‘Touch the Pickle Campaign’.
Phase 3: Celebrate with women who have joined the movement by breaking period taboos & taking a step towards freely expressing their individuality. EXECUTION AND TACTICS
➢ Editorially tied up with leading news channel CNN IBN to initiate a conversation on ‘let’s talk periods’ with our Whisper influencers.
➢ Published the hard hitting survey results in media to generate awareness
➢ Organized events in key cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh with strong opinion leaders.
➢ Created innovative photo opportunities such as tearing open a giant newspaper wrapped around a mock sanitary napkin pack and a checklist featuring all the taboos that women feel bound by during their periods. The influencers then struck off the word ‘Can’t’ and replaced them with ‘Can’ showcasing their unstoppable spirit by busting the myths existing in the respective cities to ensure that the message had the widest reach.
➢ Initiated a PR stunt with celebrity influencer Parineeti Chopra who took the opportunity to enlighten a shy, misinformed male journalist about basic facts. This PR stunt was then leveraged on Scoopwhoop and various key online portals.


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