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Reebok Presents The Pump Sessions


The recently launched Reebok Pump Plus tech by brand Reebok required to turn up the hype volume since no big announcements were made apart from instore branding supporting the new launch. The brand wanted to host an official product launch event to tackle the problem and create the desired brouhaha which would lead to awareness and eventually translate to hard-core sales on ground.


We proposed a launch event that resonated with the product's 'athleisure' wear positioning. Combining an informal evening wherein influencers, sneaker-heads and brand advocates would collect under one roof to celebrate the launch in an interactive, energy-filled environment. We termed the launch event as 'The Reebok Pump Sessions'. 'Pump Sessions' aimed at activating all the senses - Sound, Taste, Sight for an overall experience. A venue in the heart of New Delhi was chosen and converted into a Reebok Pump Session venue. It was spruced up with product art installations, engagement zones with a trampoline photo-op, product displays, and a DJ console designed to increase the 'pump button' recall.

The Experience was elevated by DJ Sa who is known in the music circuit for his 'Pumping music', a specially curated drinks and food menu and heavy social engagement on ground.


The event saw 200+ attendees sourced entirely from an online guest-list with online participation of over 5000 consumers over a span of 6 days.

4 Articles and Posts on Little Black Book reached an audience of over 10,00,000.

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