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A Not-So-Ezee Challenge

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For the homeless of Delhi, winters often spell certain death. With the night temperatures dropping below 10ᵒC, the homeless street-dweller often lacks a blanket or a place to take refuge on a cold winter night. Every year the cold wave sweeps northern India, killing thousands of underprivileged including children.


Godrej Ezee, a brand positioned on providing care, wanted to extend its proposition beyond just its consumers, but also the society at large. With the campaign theme ‘Ezee Hugs’, the brand urged people in North India to share some warm Ezee Hugs by donating their old woollens to the needy. Our objective was to jolt people out of their comfortable blankets and donate as many woollens they could to help the needy.


“Realisations are far deeper when experienced personally than being told about it” Using this insight, we challenged the people of Delhi to take up the #EzeeChallenge. We challenged the youth of Delhi to stay in the freezing winter without any woollens on them for 10 minutes! What sounded like an ‘Ezee’ challenge, turned to be quite difficult! Instead of running regular ads on print, we instead ran stories of people sharing their experience with Ezee Challenge. Videos of people taking the challenge were created and promoted on top digital video portals and social media. Posts on social media garnered a lot of engagement and initiated conversations regarding #EzeeChallenge. This challenge was also covered live on radio, and participating youth shared their stories with the entire city. RJs of top stations coaxed listeners to take up the Ezee Challenge Top corporates took cognizance of our cause and mobilized their employee base to participate by volunteering to donate and collect the woollens. Our exclusive partnership with Ola helped us immensely with logistics for the collection of the woollens, delivery to Aarohan and then distribution to the homeless. Ola also sent notifications to its users when the app was opened. This was never done for any other brand! Print articles informed people on locations of collection centers. Over 200 collection centers were set up across Delhi to gather the woollens Donated woolens were washed with Ezee before redistribution through Aarohan.


Awards & Recognition


Ad Club Chennai - MADDY's 2017 Activation - Silver

Ad Club Chennai - MADDY's 2017 Best Integrated Campaign - Bronze

E4m Golden Mikes Radio Awards 2017 Best use of Radio for Long Term Effectivenes - Bronze

Excellence in Radio Awards- 2017 Best CSR Activation - Silver

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