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Aapka Apna Radio Station

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Despite the problem of lice being highly prevalent in rural areas of India, Mediker (a brand synonymous with anti-lice) had just 5% market penetration. Since having lice is embarrassing and raises questions about the girls’ hygiene, mothers prefer hiding the problem than solving it. The brief was to put a positive spin to conversations around the brand.


Moms take pride in their daughter’s achievements. We chose this as a conversation point to bring alive our insight - Smart kids don’t scratch their heads. The idea was to empower the girl and celebrate her smartness by letting her start her own radio station, and share her voice with the world.

We transformed the mobile phone into a personal radio station by setting up an innovative IVR based mobile module. On calling this number, the girls could first learn how to set up their own radio station in 3 simple steps – Introduce yourself, solve a puzzle, say goodbye.

Post training, the girls could start recording for their radio station.

The recordings could be shared with friends and family by sending an SMS with a unique radio station number.

To listen, people had to just give a missed call on the number and we’d call them back to play the recording.


Mediker's fastest growth in 15 years.

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There are some third parties who are fraudulently using Madison's name on WhatsApp, and other unofficial websites and messaging apps with job opportunities from Madison.

Any person claiming to be from Madison and asking for payment in turn for job opportunities is a fraud and should not be entertained. Please report the number right away with relevant authorities.

Stay vigilant and do not fall prey to such scams.

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