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Make the Moment Glow

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The secret to making any gift special is done by adding some thoughtful personalization to it. Cadbury Glow wanted to build on this insight and highlight the importance of intimate and thoughtful gifting using digital as its lead medium.


We developed a  personalisation hub called the ‘Gifting Hub’ where gifters could personalise their box of Glow with their pictures, create a unique video or share a song that symbolizes a special moment for both gifter and giftee. Once the QR code on the pack was scanned, it took the gifter to the Gifting Hub where he had the option to personalize and customize his gift. We roped in renowned celebrities and twitter influencers who tweeted about their #GlowMoments and shared the real essence of Cadbury Glow. That led to a host of users to tweet out their #GlowMoments with the hashtag #MemoriesThatGlow not only on twitter but across the web!


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