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CEAT MTV Chase the Monsoon 04

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The Brief

Monsoon is a period of high saliency and sales for tyre manufacturers. Competitions had built an annual property around monsoon triggering consumers to get their tyres checked/changed before monsoon. After successful chase in past three seasons, our intent was to further weaken competition’s hold on consumer’s mind and thereby increase sales for Ceat bike tyres.

The Solution

Positivity always enhances shifting behavior. Consumer insight showed that bikers disappear from roads as they are unsure about the grip of their tyres. The idea was to change the bubble around Monsoon to fun and portray that Ceat tyres encourage you to ride in the rain with their superior wet grip. Also direct engagement with consumers leads to higher acceptance, hence the thought was to make the target audience experience riding in the rain. After a successful journey in three seasons, we came back with season 4 of our travel adventure experiential property in partnership with MTV called “Chase the Monsoon 4” with a major twist. Basis insights we came across various themes that unite our beautifully diverse nation. Out of which love, bollywood & horror were found to be the most youth connected. 'Ceat MTV Chase the Monsoon' website was created, where the property was hosted. More Rain = More chances of winning! Teams had to earn points by performing various CEAT tasks and interacting on social media. But this time around, we made a change. Only the first team to get rains would get double points for that day, thus chasing the monsoon in its true sense. The winning team got a chance to win an international holiday sponsored by CEAT.

The property was executed in 3 phases –

Call for entry & Selection
VJ Gaelyn and Youth Icon VJ Rannvijay introduced the show, explaining how to participate. Facebook reactions were used for guessing the themes. Entries were invited across the country through all platforms- on MTV channel, MTV India social eco system and Ceat MTV Chase the Monsoon microsite plus social page. Before the journey went live, we ran various social media campaigns to promote the show & get participation like never before. From more than 2100 entrants, 6 bikers were shortlisted for the respective themes, after having the first ever auditions held, judged by the two VJs.

The Journey
Each team was given a bike suitable for their themes. They went on a journey starting from Shimla to Ooty exploring movie-madness, romance and spookiness. The teams also had to perform various Ceat flag tasks along their journey. 5 days into the game, to make the chase more challenging, interesting and larger than life, a new team of ex-Roadies Hifsa Sharma and Rohan Pillai were introduced as #chasepanga. They were introduced not only to participate in the game but also challenge the existing teams at a bigger level. For the first time in the chase history, there were celebrity appearances on the show. Also, keeping up with the latest trends, challenges like Pokemon-go and #beatpebooty were also included. Hence, attracting more eyeballs. Each Biker team had to take pictures, videos, tweet and share on social media to earn points. Apart from points, the concept of social currency was also there, where the amount of money received by the teams on a daily basis was directly proportional to their interactions on social networking sites. The participants had to rely on ‘social currency’ to fuel their trip. This season the winners were decided not only on the basis of their social currency but also testing the top 2 teams on various skills such as Physical stamina, mental strength and biking knowledge and team coordination.

On Air telecast on MTV
In the Previous seasons only the highlights of the show have been shown on TV, but this time the entire journey was showcased as a full fledged TV series comprising 10 episodes and that too on prime time slot on MTV Fridays 8.30 pm.


Audience reach and engagement

• 80 webisodes were shared on Facebook and Youtube reaching out 1.1 m subscribers & on MTV India’s.

• Facebook pages reaching out to 42M fans.

• The Chase the Monsoon Facebook community grew to over 4.26 lakh likes by the end of the show.

• The team videos & episodes garnered more than 24.7 million video views online.

• 14.3 million Sessions on website.

• On instagram we collected around 1, 69,200 hearts.

• We also gained 10.5 million impressions.

Business results

• CEAT Bike Tyres consideration score grew by 43%.

• The sales volume of bike tyres grew by 26%.

Awards & Recognition


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