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The Green Inch


Most people turn on their faucets full throttle for their everyday water usage, thus wasting hundreds of litres in the bargain. To demonstrate how easy it is to stop wasting water, Prince Piping Systems created The Green Inch - a simple one inch sticker that could be stuck under one’s faucet. This sticker would act as a daily reminder to turn on the faucet only by an inch.


Prince Piping Systems approached Wilson College, Mumbai to create awareness about The Green Inch sticker during their annual fest. Prince Piping Systems put up a stall in the college and educated students about The Green Inch using videos, demos and handouts. The Green Inch sticker was stuck below every faucet in the college and also distributed to hundreds of college students during the fest. Students were encouraged to take The Green Inch Pledge and make this simple behavioral shift which could help save millions of litres of water every day.


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