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The Art of Oiling

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Hair-oiling is a generations old ritual in the Indian culture, but due to a shift in our lifestyle, it’s no longer a daily ritual. Our cluttered life has driven us towards less time consuming choices and quick fixes, a complete paradigm shift from sustained nurturance to sporadic cures. Our challenge was to re-establish the relevance of hair-oiling among our consumers.


The process of hair oiling was considered to be tedious, time-consuming and old-fashioned and hence needed an inspiring makeover to drive excitement in today’s times. We reintroduced oiling in a modern, contemporary avatar and created the Art of Oiling - a collection of 7 DIY massages. Each massage offered a unique benefit like de-stressing, relaxation and instant energy, co-created by Parachute with an international head massage expert. To help people experience and try out each step of the seven massages, we created a virtual instructor, an augmented reality tool that tracked a user’s facial features using their webcam and guided them through each step of the massage by showing the exact pressure points and rubbing techniques.


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