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Chote Kadam

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Every year, SaffolaLife awakened India to the grim fact that 1 out of 4 people in India die of a heart attack. Research revealed that a healthy lifestyle that consisted of three vectors - Staying Active, Eating Healthy and Being Happy would make the heart up to 50% healthier. The objective was to communicate how small steps towards a healthy lifestyle could lead to giant leaps in heart health.


Starting World Heart Day, every time a consumer felt prey to a heart unhealthy habit; we strategically stepped in to pull them out of it using disruptive media interventions. Media tie ups across TV, OOH & Print translated into TV integrations of leading GEC protagonists with our ambassadors of health, reminders of small steps outside elevators and email signatures. On digital, custom time-targeted banners nudged users to Eat on Time, Go for a Walk, or to Laugh basis the time and context of their online activity. Every ‘heart unhealthy’ search was countered with relevant healthy steps they could take instead.


The campaign inspired 250 media stories and over 60 Mn users to take small steps for a healthy heart. All in all, a heart day at work, you could say.

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