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Protect Her Heart

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2 out of 4 women in India are at the risk of heart disease. Women were increasingly leading a sedentary lifestyle leading to weight gain and the thus an increase in incidents of heart disease. Saffolalife wanted to create awareness about how increasing body weight increases heart-risk.


In their busy schedules, homemakers find they are left with ‘NO TIME’ to follow a regular exercise regime. After the daily grind, the chosen route to unwind in the evening was bingeing on TV and social media that further promoted inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. Our idea was to transform the role of media from a cause of distraction to a source of inspiration, urging couples to go for a walk. Smart banners followed people across websites, informing them about heart risk, alerting them about the time they’ve spent online, and finally prompting them to save some time to walk for a healthy heart. We also created a unique intervention where just before their favourite TV shows aired, the protagonists urged people to skip the show and go for a walk instead and organised a Couple Walkathon - a first-of-its-kind initiative to urge couples to walk together.


The campaign inspired over 60MN people in India through 250 media stories to take notice of the impact of their increasing weight on their heart health.

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