We were appointed by TCS to create a new identity for the new Passport Seva Kendra. The focus was to create a design concept which recognizes the need for a truly unique experience and helps in managing the functionality keeping aesthetics in mind.

The concept has a zonal approach to enables the customer/ citizen to circulate easily as per the processes defined.

The communication design eases the citizen flow and differentiates various operations of the Kendra to optimize the time spent in the Kendra.

We have created and implemented a way finding scheme with bespoke information graphics, including various colour schemes, pictograms which visually describe the facilities in the premises and the necessary information.

The new design has aided in saving few crores of TCS, the initial spent was in the range of Rs 4000-Rs 5000 per sq ft which has drastically come down to Rs 2500 per sq ft. till date over 25 PSK's have been rolled out across the country.

Madison+rkd retail /iQ is responsible for all creative expressions like brand and environmental graphic programmes, retail planning + design and construction documentation.