1. Planning Guidelines
We set media objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements. We insist on using existing research data / supplement with our own analysis, as it is a benchmark against competition and visible / successful brands that target the same consumer.

2. Annual Media Plans
We develop annual media strategy for each individual brand and for company as a whole, based on marketing / advertising objectives. Based on that, we recommend the ideal budget to achieve these objectives, the right media-mix and weights by media, vehicle mix, scheduling strategies and sponsorship strategies. Then, brand-wise CPRP goals are set.

3. Monthly Media Plans
We conceptualise monthly plans and flag off variances if any, from annual plans. Brand-wise CPRP checks are done against pre-set goals. Feedback from monthly plans are factored into the planning cycle, to safeguard against dynamics of the media-marketplace

4. Competition Analysis
Monthly analysis on competition's media activities and their effect on our brands.

5. Audience Delivery Analysis
A periodical analysis on the target audiences' media consumption habits is done. (Example: IRS updates, TV viewership trends etc.), based on which, we provide recommendations for change in brand media strategy or review buying decisions.

6. Portfolio Management
We develop differentiated brand media plans customised for national and local marketing needs. If media segmentation among similar brands is desired, a detailed analysis of the same is carried out, and recommendations are made. An overall company-level media philosophy is created and adhered to.

7. Media Research
We provide strategic recommendations about how media theory and findings should direct media choices and planning decisions for individual brands and the company as a whole.

Our thrust is on working together with company research team to interpret research findings and apply the same for better media value (Eg. Ad-track)

Analysis of specific channels/markets/media is undertaken from time to time and recommendations are fed into planning / buying process.

8. Training
We conduct a media planning orientation program for company executives and new trainees.


1. Media-Market place review
This covers the past performance of channel-deals, new developments in media/analysis of new trends, competitor buying strategies and special media vehicles, for example, events / cricket / festivals to provide a framework for media buying

2. Planning cost development (in cases where the agency handles only buying)
We provide media pricing and audience delivery estimates / projections for use in budget planning (Example: TV CPRPs)

3. Media buying strategies Post finalisation of annual brand plans, funnel out a company buying strategy by channels. We set CPRP goals and arrive at the goal through a database approach to buying. We set benchmarks against the best deals in the industry and similar spend clients' deals. Ad-hoc buying / distress buying / opportunistic buying from time to time to enhance brand visibility / improve media ROI

4. Negotiate and execute media buys A negotiation strategy, which is a multi-level approach and specific to each media supplier is created, in which, the documentation of annual deals and placing of media contracts is done.

5. Monthly Implementation Planning
We convert monthly brand plans into implementable schedules. This enhances brand value through superior optimisation and deal-management. This would include areas like 'best break scheduling' and converting 'spots to sponsorships'.

6. Post Buy Analysis
A monthly plan v/s actual analysis and reason for variance is done. The findings are built into next month's planning. The post-buy analysis is normally done at the same time as competitor analysis.

7. Deal Management
Through regular rating trends, day part and break position analysis we negotiate with media suppliers to increase the efficiency of our deals. We regularly monitor the performances of sponsorships / spot positions etc. and negotiate for compensation as and when required.

8. Media Market Intelligence
We strive, and mostly achieve being the first to know and evaluate special program / sponsorship opportunities and new media developments. We track competition media activity pro-actively.

9. Financials
We have set up systems to monitor and control estimation / billing / statements of accounts / and any other financial MIS that might be required.

10. MIS
Monthly schedules, post buy report, important developments in media (as and when), media newsletter, etc are reported and records, maintained.

11. Training
We have developed and formalised a media buying orientation program for company executives / trainees, having recognised the importance of formal training.